Fees are payable as listed in the fee payment procedure policy. Fees are reduced by claiming Child Care Subsidy if applicable. The percentage of assistance that a family may claim depends upon their assessed family income which is determined by the family assistance office. The Family assistance office can be contacted on 13 61 50.

Full Time Fees 10-hour day Full Time Fees 11.5-hour day
1 Day     ($130.00) 1 Day     ($143.00)
2 Days    ($129.00) 2 Days    ($142.00)
3 Days    ($129.00) 3 Days    ($142.00)
4 Days    ($128.00) 4 Days    ($140.00)
5 Days    ($128.00) 5 Days    ($140.00)
$30 $38

Fees are paid two weeks in advance. Fees are paid via Debit Success fortnightly on Fridays – Visa, MasterCard or via your financial institution (Bank)

In order to maintain fees at a figure as low as possible and provide quality care for your children, fees must be paid for all public holidays, sick days, holidays and any period that your child is booked in for but is also absent.