Fees and Payment

Pearsall Childcare aims to keep the cost of childcare as low as possible for our families. The fees listed below are full fees but many families are entitled to the government Child Care Subsidy (CCS) which can sizably reduce the out of pocket expenses. Contact us for more details.

Full Fees Daily Rate

1 Day per week - $115.00/ day

2 Day per week - $114.00/ day

3 Day per week - $114.00/ day

4 Day per week - $113.00/ day

5 Day per week - $113.00/ day

Before and After School Care up to 6 years

Before School $24

After School $31

Effective from 2/07/2019

Families are given at least 2 weeks’ notice of any fee increase. Fees are to be paid 2 weeks in advance every Friday fortnight, via the center’s Debit Success account.

The full version of this policy and its procedures is available upon request.