Nutrition and Food

The staff at Pearsall Child Care Centre acknowledge the importance of childhood nutrition to grow and to current and future health and development.

We provide meals in a safe and caring environment, which meets the children’s individual nutritional requirements.

We promote healthy food choices to parents/guardians, staff and children.

Week 3 Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Morning Tea Cheesy Toast & Fruit + Water Raisin Bread & Fruit + Water Fruit, Cheese & Crackers + Water Fresh Fruit Platter + Water Fresh Fruit Platter with Yoghurt + Water
Lunch Chicken & Risoni Soup + Water Assorted Sandwiches + Water Asian Beef Noodle + Water Caribbean Chicken + Water Minestrone Soup + Water
Afternoon Tea Vegetable Sticks, Cheese & Crackers + Water Date Loaf & Fruit + Water Orange & Pumpkin Muffins with Fruit + Water Apricot & Bran Loaf with Fruit + Water Zucchini Bread & Fruit + Water
Late Snack Sao/Rice Cake + Water Sao/Rice Cake + Water Sao/Rice Cake + Water Sao/Rice Cake + Water Sao/Rice Cake + Water
Week 1 Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Morning Tea Cheesy Toast & Fresh Fruit + Milk/Water Fresh Fruit, Cheese & Crackers + Milk/Water Fresh Fruit Platter with Yoghurt + Milk/Water Raisin Bread with Fresh Fruit + Milk/Water Fresh Fruit Platter + Milk/Water
Lunch Tuna Pasta + Water Apricot Chicken with Rice & Vegetables + Water Vegetarian Pizza + Water Almost Sheppard’s Pie + Water Minestrone + Water
Afternoon Tea Fruit Scones + Water Carrot & Apple Muffins + Water Banana Blueberry Bread + Water Vegetable Sticks, Crackers & Humus Dip + Water Chickpea Cookies & Fresh Fruit + Water

Our nutrition policy is based on the principle that meal times are excellent opportunities for providing children with a caring, safe and supportive environment in which to encourage and enjoy safe and healthy eating habits.

Our menus are based on the dietary guidelines for children and adolescents and in line with the get up and grow manual and its guidelines.

Pearsall Child Care Centre has a permanent food coordinator who freshly prepares and cooks meals on the premises.

We offer 3 meals a day; morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea. We also offer a late snack.

The full version of this policy and its procedures can be viewed and discussed with management upon orientation of the service.